Science Communication

Listed below are some videos and talks about my work as a mechanical engineer for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. Links to my sci comm articles can be found on my About page.

Rubin Observatory: The Revolutionary Space Movie {2020}

What do corgis and tiger beetles have to do with observatories? How do you make a space movie? And why do we even want to?

Written and edited by me, this (slightly irreverent but fully educational and kid-friendly) video presents the answers to these and other pressing questions about the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. This new observatory in Chile is scheduled to begin science operations in 2023, performing the Legacy Survey of Space and Time.

World’s Largest Camera Lens: A Physics Girl Video {2019}

The Physics Girl came to SLAC to see our camera’s giant front lens, so I chatted with her a bit about the project.

St. Andrew’s Women’s Network Weekend Presentation Video {2019}

For an event focused on “The Built World,” I returned to my high school in Middletown, Delaware (class of 2011) to give a keynote presentation [starts at minute 30:15] with my friend and classmate Annie Imbrie-Moore (class of 2012) about our experiences in the world of science and engineering.

SLAC #DarkMatterDay Facebook Live Video {2018}

In honor of Dark Matter Day (October 31st), the SLAC communications office filmed a Facebook Live event from the clean room where the LSST Camera is under construction, and I talked a bit about why we actually need a dust-free environment in order to build the camera.

Other Speaking Events

  • SLAC on Tap event {2019}
  • Talk aimed at elementary school students as part of SLAC Kid’s Night {2018}
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